AgameR MoreOptions PE full changelog

AgameR MoreOptions PE v1.0.0

- First official non-beta release!
- NEW: Some more stuff (Drone, Parachute, Twerk and Derp)
- FIX: Some glitches
- FIX: Some bugs
- IMPROVED: Overall
- IMPROVED: Morphing now works
- REMOVED: SignEditor (for now, as it currently crashes when trying to use it)
- IMPROVED: All dialogs have the MCPE style now

AgameR MoreOptions PE v1.0.0-pre2

- Updated for MCPE v0.11.x
- NEW: Morph (not finished yet)
- FINISHED: "Blue" theme
- IMPROVED: Cheats
- IMPROVED: Better Grass
- IMPROVED: Menu layout (added logo)
- FIX: Some bugs
- IMPROVED: The update checker to support Android 5.1 (thanks @desno365!)
- IMPROVED: Settings now save
- NEW: More settings

AgameR MoreOptions PE v1.0.0-pre

- NEW: Zoom
- NEW: InstaMine
- NEW: X-Ray
- NEW: Cheats
- NEW: Knockback
- NEW: 64 item drop
- IMPROVED: Layout
- NEW: An update checker (thanks @desno365!)
- FIX: Some hacks
- More 

AgameR MoreOptions PE v1.0 Beta 3

- NEW: Themes
- NEW: Sneaking
- FIX: Grass being unbreakable

AgameR MoreOptions PE v1.0 Beta 2

- CHANGE: Name changed to AgameR MoreOptions PE
- CHANGE: New icon
- NEW: Coords option
- NEW: Better grass
- NEW: Every item eatable
- NEW: Changelog
- IMPROVED: Some things

AgameR Hacked Client PE v1.0 Beta

- Initial release

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